In order to bring our core concepts to life in a variety of communities, we offer in-person and streaming educational events and workshops for faculty, teachers, and the wider public.

Recent events and workshops sponsored by Human Energy include:

  • Guild for Spiritual Guidance Workshop: Intersubjectivity and the Noosphere: Love, Entanglement and Convergence, by Prof. Emily DeMoor: May 18-19 and May 25-26, 2024.
  • N2 Conference – The Noosphere at 100: The Future of Human Collective Consciousness: November 17-19, 2023
  • Deep Time Network, Autumn Course, by Prof. Brian Thomas Swimme. Nov 8, 2023
  • Teachers’ Workshop, Brussels, Belgium, by Dr. Marta Lenartowicz. Sept. 21-23, 2023.
    REMINDER: upload linked video to YouTube and embed
  • Shift Network Course: Science, Spirituality, and the Noosphere: Hope for the Future, by Prof. Brian Thomas Swimme. Aug. 8, 15, 22, and 29, 2023.
  • Collective Consciousness, workshop, Slot Art Festival, Lublin, Poland, by Dr. Marta Lenartowicz. July 11-14, 2023.
    REMINDER: upload linked video to YouTube and embed
  • Thinking and the Noosphere, Faculty Book Workshop, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Free University of Brussels), Belgium. July 6, 2023
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