The Noosphere


Learn more about this emerging phenomenon through Human Energy's multimedia series, articles published and in development for scholarly journals, papers presented at academic conferences, and tools developed for deeper exploration.
Human Energy's logo, a multi-pointed star-shaped compass in shades of red, orange, and yellow, overlaid atop a view from the University of California Berkeley's campus of the San Francisco Bay and the Campanile building.

Our recent conference at U.C. Berkeley drew distinguished experts from across the globe to share new findings on artificial intelligence, social media, climate change, neuroscience, and more.

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Virtual classroom composite image of the faces of hundreds of attendees of Human Energy's online Master Class: Science of the Noosphere

Stay tuned for the next session of our interactive graduate-level course, featuring guest lectures on topics ranging from major evolutionary transitions and the origins of democracy to the risks and benefits of AI.

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Through interdisciplinary scientific research, we are gaining a deeper understanding of our biological, societal, and technological evolution towards an increasingly interconnected way of life -- even, as some theorize, the potential for collective consciousness.

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