Human Energy’s education track is committed to bringing the hope-filled Third Story of the noosphere to young people, in ways that speak directly to their predicament with the techno-social dilemma and that inspire, empower, and enable them to develop a new sense of connection, direction, meaning, values, and optimism.


Our education team brings together teachers, researchers, and other experts from higher education, public and private K-12 schools, and youth-focused organizations. Together, we are working to develop, deliver, and disseminate life-changing curricula for children and young adults, as well as for adults.

Educational Projects

Interested in educating your students on the techno-social dilemma, introducing them to the noosphere, and offering them an optimistic worldview?

Email us at to identify resources or for help developing curriculum for your specific needs.

Short courses, certificates, and master classes to cultivate an educated, optimistic worldview in your school, office, and home.
Educating young people and providing them with an optimistic, purpose-driven worldview is one of our highest priorities at Human Energy.
We work with higher education leaders and faculty across the disciplines to develop, deliver, and enhance courses that expand worldviews and change lives.
In order to bring our core concepts to life in a variety of communities, we offer in-person and streaming educational events and workshops for faculty, teachers, and the wider public.
New research is the foundation of our work at Human Energy. Learn more about our educational research on the techno-social dilemma and science of the noosphere.
Our work in education is done in partnership with a variety of institutions and organizations. Review our partnerships to see where our materials have been developed and taught.
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